December 15th Real Estate Auction

Pictures and info, as promised!

874 Commercial St Mansfield, MO           Commercial property formerly Little House Buffet,16,1

10040 Klondike Rd Grovespring, MO,16,1

Aerial of Grovespring property

163 acres will be divided into 4 separate tracts

603 SE 13th Ave Ava, MO,16,1

506 NE 2nd Ave Ava, MO


846 Commercial St Mansfield, MO,16,1

507 Nettleton Ave Mansfield, MO,16,1

824 Roote Ave Mansfield, MO,16,1

698 & 700 Commercial St Mansfield, MO,16,1

274 Raney St Hartville, MO,16,1

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